New UK shortage occupation list for Tier 2 Visas

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12 November 2009

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published proposals for a revised shortage occupation list on 21 October 2009. These proposals have been accepted in full by the UK Government.

The changes from 14 December 2009 as recommended by MAC are as follows:

It is easier for employers to obtain Tier 2 visas if the occupation is on the skilled shortage list as the Government has already accepted that there are insufficient people from the resident labour market to fill vacancies in these occupations.

From 14 December 2009 the new shortage occupation list will apply to all certificates of sponsorship under Tier 2 of the points based system. Therefore, if you wish to come under the current skills shortage list you will need to apply before this date.

MAC is funded by the UKBA and advises the Government on immigration matters. MACs proposals usually result in changes to Government Policy.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) intends to review all entries on the skilled occupation list by Autumn 2010, apart from Musicians (3415), which the MAC intend to review by Spring 2010.