Fee Schedule


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Please note that those who are resident in the EU will in many cases need to pay 17.5% VAT on top of the prices quoted below.

A. Skilled Immigration

  1. Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - application from abroad GBP1,000
  2. Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - application in UK GBP950

B. Work Permits

  1. Work Permits and Work permit Extensions (see separate list for full details) GBP400 - 1,500
  2. Sector Based Scheme Work Permits (see separate list for full details) GBP400 - GBP600
  3. Training and Work Experience Work Permits GBP500 - GBP600
  4. Advice on service contracts on which work permit holders will work GBP180-250/hr

C. Business Immigration

  1. EC Association Agreement - application from abroad GBP1,000
  2. EC Association Agreement - application in UK GBP750
  3. Sole Representative GBP1,500
  4. Business Status - investment of GBP200,000 + in own business GBP1,500
  5. Investors - passive investment of GBP750,000 + GBP1,500
  6. Innovator GBP1,500
  7. Permit-free employment - writers, artists, journalists, ministers of religion GBP1000

D. Long Residence

  1. Indefinite stay after Ten Years in the UK (Long Residence) GBP750
  2. Indefinite stay after 14 years unlawful and/or lawful stay in the UK (Long Residence). GBP750

E. Family Immigration

  1. Marriage and Fiance/e Applications GBP600
  2. Unmarried Partner Applications GBP900
  3. Other Types - GBP500-GBP1,000
  4. Extension Applications and Indefinite Leave to Remain GBP550

F. Extension Applications

  1. Extension of leave under EC Association Agreement GBP495
  2. Extension of leave as a Sole representative GBP750
  3. Extension of leave under Business Status GBP750
  4. Extension of leave as an Investor GBP750
  5. Extension on leave as an Innovator GBP750

G. Indefinite Leave to Remain (permanent residence)

1. Indefinite Leave to Remain GBP550

H. Nationality

  1. UK Naturalisation Application including registration of minor Children GBP500
  2. UK Naturalisation for Second Family Member GBP250