Assessment Certificate


A way for candidates to improve their chances of gaining a work permit or visa for only 30 (about US $55).

Why do you need an Assessment Certificate?

You will in many cases need to have a job offer to gain entry to a particular Country. It is the employer rather than you who applies for the work permit or work visa. Even where it is available not everyone can come under a skilled immigration programme for entry to Countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada and the lengthy processing times frequently mean that employers are unable to wait until the visas have been processed.

This can be a difficult situation to be in. Potential employers need to feel confident that there is a good reason to employ you rather than someone from the resident job market, and that if they offer you a job they will be able to obtain a work visa or work permit. To help jobseekers in such a situation, offers assessment certificates. These certificates confirm to an employer that:

As a jobseeker, your first step should be to review the various visa categories for the Country you are interested in. This information should allow you to check if you are eligible for a work permit for that particular country and will help you to avoid spending money on an assessment that is negative. Once you have determined that a formal assessment would be beneficial, please go to the immigration Assessment Certificate application form.

The fee for the assessment certificate is 30.00. When an employer instructs us to obtain a permit for them to employ you, we will pay you 50. We will refund the 30 and pay you an extra 20 to thank you for bringing us some business!

Proceed with an Assessment Certificate